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Leadership Coaching

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The role of a leader has never been more challenging.  To succeed today, they need to be strong yet humble, purpose-driven yet flexible, motivational yet transparent, empathetic and very self-aware.  Whichever leadership role they hold or are working towards, coaching can provide a space to explore a deeper connection with the authentic self, resulting in greater presence, resilience and impact. 

Some of the specialised coaching I provide

CEOs + Leadership Team Members

I support senior leaders to build their energy and resilience, lead change with confidence, manage complex relationships, navigate organisational politics and balance head/heart when making tough decisions.  I coach them to become more conscious of behavioural patterns that limit them and identify their strengths – connecting them with their truth, wisdom, and courage.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leaders

Undoubtedly, the DE&I leader has one of the most challenging roles within a modern organisation: the sounding board, the activist, the peacemaker, the thought-leader, the strategist – all whilst working towards ambitious diversity targets, often with varying levels of engagement within the senior team.  Usually, people choose this career path because they are passionate about DE&I and feel driven to make a difference. Passion can work for us and against us – so having a safe, supportive space to reflect and explore is essential for long-term success and results.

Employee Resource Group Leaders

Leaders of ERGs often volunteer to take on this extra responsibility because they are driven and dedicated to leading change for under-represented groups.  Often, these leaders have no formal DE&I training or experience; they are fuelled by purpose - committed to doing their part to create a more inclusive working community. Coaching can support them to navigate the difficulties of igniting change, gaining influence, managing their energy and inspiring others to come on the journey.

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Next-Generation Leaders

In recent years, we have seen many organisations commit to bringing greater diversity to the boardroom, resulting in a wave of promotions, new hires and secondments.  It’s exciting and encouraging to see this positive action – however, it’s simply not enough to promote and hire. Many mentoring schemes are well run, but mentoring (advice and guidance) is often not sufficient.  A more effective way of ensuring the success of next-generation leaders is to provide specialised coaching, where they are supported to unpack the external and internal barriers they face to their potential. 

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