The Conscious Leader: 
Igniting Growth and Joy


The Conscious Leader Retreat

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The fundamental context within which leadership roles exist has changed.  It’s time to reimagine leadership development.

Organisations are ploughing billions into leadership development ($366 billion/year), yet many are rolling out the same programs in the same formats as they did pre-pandemic.  Leadership is a creative process. Conscious leadership is about building a deeper connection to ourselves. Only then can we create greater understanding and connection with others.  We believe this kind of introspective work is impossible to do in a lunchbox session, jammed in between other meetings, with a few soggy sandwiches.  If the goal is to ignite conscious leadership, then the greatest gift you can give your senior team is space: the opportunity to switch off from daily pressure - personal and professional.  

With this in mind, we created The Conscious Leader Retreat.

Why is it essential to reimagine leadership development?

The hybrid working model: this flexible approach has brought many benefits yet significant challenges also - with leaders navigating remote teams, less connection and fewer opportunities for team collaboration.


The Great Resignation: there has never been a more competitive talent market – 28% of people left their jobs in the last year – this is the ‘new era of employee engagement’ (Forbes).


The Inclusion Revolution: increasing diversity within senior teams is only a fraction of the journey - unless leaders know how to ignite a sense of belonging, their efforts to develop more inclusive working communities will fail.


Mental health and wellbeing: one in four people in the UK currently have a mental health condition, and the cost of poor mental health to employers has increased by 25% to £56bn since pre-pandemic, (Deloitte).






This program is built on three core beliefs

Leaders can’t be taught the qualities of great leadership.  Yet, you can guide them through a process of becoming more conscious of the ways they may be blocking the exceptional qualities that already exist within them.

Our unique life experiences directly inform our leadership style, presenting both benefits and limitations.  Exploring this concept with expert guidance, helps to bring greater connection, compassion and empowerment – for ourselves and for others.

Leadership is a creative process.  Therefore, leadership development needs to be fuelled by an environment that feeds creativity.  The opportunity to disconnect from personal and professional pressure: tune in, nourish and revive.




How are we reimagining leadership development?

The Conscious Leader Retreat is a synthesis of my experience heading up award-winning leadership development programs in some of the world’s largest, most successful organisations, with the deep expertise of Francesca Glenn: an intercultural psychotherapist and transformative group facilitator.  

Drawing on our combined expertise we have developed an integrative approach to group coaching which draws on some of the most effective, evidence-based psychological theories. The result is a truly ground-breaking creative leadership development program.

This unique experience is about igniting growth and joy – not only within their role as a leader, but within every aspect of their lives. 


What are some of the steps we’ll take toward becoming a conscious leader?

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Unpack the many complex layers of identity – gaining a deeper understanding of what different aspects of our identity mean to us - and how others relate to theirs.

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Understand what ‘self-led’ leadership is and how through this, we have the power to transform our relationships – professionally and personally.

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Learn how to build working communities that honour individuality, bringing deeper connection, empowerment and creativity.

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Explore how our story, values, and beliefs directly inform our leadership style – and how we can maximise our unique strengths to lead with authenticity, compassion and courage.

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Understand what conscious leadership is and what it isn’t – learn the tools and techniques to lead and communicate inclusively.


Where is the Conscious Leader Retreat?

We believe that leadership development requires an environment that feeds the soul - as far away from stuffy, dark meeting rooms as possible.  A place that ignites creativity with tonnes of headspace, fresh air and beautiful nature all around.  That’s why, when we found Monkton Wyld – we knew this had to be the venue for our Conscious Leadership Retreat.

Monkton Wyld is a 19th-century neo-gothic mansion in an idyllic location in Dorset.  It has 11 acres of gardens, meadows, woodland and farmyard set in a secluded valley within walking distance of Lyme Regis and the Jurassic Coast.  Most of the food they serve is produced using organic methods in the walled vegetable garden or on the farm, which is home to some very friendly Jersey cows.

Monkton Wyld Court is a short taxi ride from Axminster station, which is approximately 2hrs 45 mins from London Waterloo.

Dates, timings and cost and booking

We are now taking bookings for The Conscious Leader Retreat planned for Spring 2023

The cost per person is £1,750 GBP – this includes: group coaching/facilitation, delicious home-cooked meals and snacks, accommodation (each participant has their own room), along with a follow-up 60-minute coaching session, two to four weeks after the program.

This experience is designed to work for all leaders: whether you are responsible for a large team in a global organisation, a medium-sized team within an SME, a founder of a start-up, or about to take on leadership responsibility – this experience is for you.

If you’d like to find out more: please send me a message via the link below or directly to  I will arrange to meet each participant for a one-to-one introductory session before booking to ensure you get a chance to ask all the questions you need to feel fully informed, prepared and excited about the experience.

What can I expect?

We will have the use of the whole estate for the retreat – so we’ll make the most of it.  Some workshops will take place in the house, but many will be outdoors – on a hill walk or in the beautiful gardens – and on the local beach.

The team at Monkton serve the most delicious organic home-cooked meals and snacks throughout the day, all made from the produce grown on the grounds.  There’s fresh milk and yoghurt every morning from the resident cows (plant-based milk is also available).

There will be early morning yoga if you fancy it and some excellent country walk routes for those who like to exercise before breakfast.  After dinner in the evenings, we’ll get a campfire going (don’t forget to bring marshmallows).  On one of the evenings, we’ll explore the local area, which has plenty of great pubs and restaurants.

We are very aware that, in the current economic climate, most organisations do not have a huge budget to spend on lavish hotels, enormous mini bar bills, fluffy slippers and room service.  Monkton Wyld is not five-star accommodation. The bedrooms are basic but very clean and comfortable.  However, what it lacks in five-star luxury, it certainly makes up for in pure character, charm and creative inspiration.